Madame Talbot's Private Collection


Large Bald Face Hornets Nest
  Large Bald Face
  Hornets Nest
Johann Jakob Scheuchzer 1731 Print
  Johann Jakob Scheuchzer
  1731 Print
Pain King Medicinal Bottle
  Pain King
  Medicinal Bottle
1970s Scientology Clear Bracelet
  1970s Scientology
  Clear Bracelet
Bateman's Drops Empty Bottle
  Bateman's Drops
  Empty Bottle

Papine Opium Morphine Bottle
  Papine Opium
  Morphine Bottle
Antique Mercury Cyanide Bottle
  Antique Mercury
  Cyanide Bottle
Miniature Working Gallows
  Working Gallows
William Marwood Hangman's Locket
  William Marwood
  Hangman's Locket
Lebenswecker Artifical Leech
  Artifical Leech

C. W. Alban & Co. 1900-1930 Chalkware Ashtray
  C. W. Alban & Co.
  Chalkware Ashtray
Salesman Sample Complete Surgeon's Needles
  Salesman Sample
  Surgeon's Needles
Complete 1890s Surgical Kit
  Complete 1890s
  Surgical Kit
19th C Blood Transfusion Kit
  19th C Blood
  Transfusion Kit
19th c Porcelain Drug Vials & Syringe
  19th c Porcelain
  Drug Vials & Syringe

Medieval Skull & Crossbones from German Castle
  Medieval Skull
  & Crossbones
  from German Castle
Edwardian Chloral Hydrate Bottle
  Edwardian Chloral
  Hydrate Bottle
1875 Autopsy Post Mortem Kit
  1875 Autopsy
  Post Mortem Kit
Vintage Mumia Vera Apothecary Jar
  Vintage Mumia Vera
  Apothecary Jar
1870s Odd Fellows Wool Tapestry
  1870s Odd Fellows
  Wool Tapestry

1860s Anatomy Dissection Tools
  1860s Anatomy
  Dissection Tools
Victorian Skull & Crossbones Coffin Handles
  Skull & Crossbones
  Coffin Handles
Encyclopedia of Death: Vol. 1,2 & 3
  of Death:
  Vol. 1,2 & 3
Victorian Era Human Tapeworm
  Victorian Era
  Human Tapeworm
Suicide Club Framed Curio
  Suicide Club
  Framed Curio

LYOCYTE Powdered Dried Human Blood Cells
  LYOCYTE Powdered
  Dried Human
  Blood Cells
1880 Ebony Handled Bone Amputation Saw
  1880 Ebony
  Handled Bone
  Amputation Saw
Shoemaker & Busch Laudanum Bottle
  Shoemaker & Busch
  Laudanum Bottle
Victorian Case Framed Dental Collage Sign
  Victorian Case
  Framed Dental
  Tooth Collage Sign
Antique Strebel Tubingen Dissection Kit
  Antique Strebel Tubingen
  Dissection Kit

Adeps Hominis Apothecary Jar
  Adeps Hominis
  Apothecary Jar
Blue Ceramic Poison Skull Figural Bottle
  Blue Ceramic
  Poison Skull
  Figural Bottle
William Marwood Victorian England Hangman's Ropes
  William Marwood
  Victorian England
  Hangman's Ropes
Myer's Victorian Carbolic Acid
  Myer's Victorian
  Carbolic Acid
L'Inconnue de la Seine Death Mask
  de la Seine
  Death Mask

Antique Cast Iron Skull and Bones Nut Cracker
  Antique Cast Iron
  Skull and Bones
  Nut Cracker
1930s Carved Skeleton Chair
  1930s Carved
  Skeleton Chair
Kolbe of Philadelphia Dissection Kit
  Kolbe of
  Dissection Kit
 Antique 19th C. Boxed Surgeon Scalpel Set
  Antique 19th C. Boxed
  Surgeon Scalpel Set
Things People Swallowed Framed Curio
  Things People
  Framed Curio

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