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William Marwood Victorian England Hangman's Ropes and Personal Effects Display.

Top left: William Marwood’s comb
Center: Postcard of William Marwood showing his shop, photo and business card
Top right: William Marwood’s cigar holder case
Center left: Placard describing use of ropes on left side
Center: The base of what is left of William Marwood’s whiskey flask
Center Right: William Marwood's Signature
Lower Left: William Marwood’s dip pen and pen nibs
Lower Center: Fabric Money Purse
Lower Right: Corkscrew with what little is left of the brush and a hand-forged syringe for oil
Farthest Bottom Left: Magnet
Farthest Center: Hand-Forged Hand-Cuffs
Farthest Bottom Right: Clock Key
Both sides are trimmed with Marwood's ropes, he made certain that his ropes and tackle were manufactured to his exact specifications, including a leather washer which helped the rope to run smoothly, and a metal ring to replace the slip-knot.
Center in between the gallows tackle, is a single slip-knot metal ring.

Provenance: William "Billy" Jamieson Collection.


William Marwood Victorian England Hangman's Ropes