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1930s Carved Wood Skeleton Chair

This is not a Vincent Price chair, but it is the version of chair that he had his dining room chairs modelled - the 1930s Skeleton Chair.

There are four and 1/2 versions of the Skeleton Chair:

1. The Victorian version which has ornate designs carved on the bottom of the chair around the legs - the first one was made in 1838.

2. Then there is a rocking chair version - which is exactly like the Victorian skeleton chair but with rockers.

3. Then there is the 1930s chair which is what this one is what I own. It does not have the ornate carved designs on the bottom of the chair. The 1930s version of this chair is extremely rare.

4. And finally, the Vincent Price chair which was made in the 1960s.

4 and 1/2. Then there is the many white and red and black skeleton chairs that claim to be Vincent Price chairs but are obviously new repros - otherwise it would seem Vincent Price had quite a few hundred of these skeleton dining room chairs.

1930s Carved Skeleton Chair
1930s Carved Skeleton Chair