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Suicide Club Framed Curio

This beautiful framed curio is 17 inches tall by 14 inches wide.

Mounted on vintage red velvet is a lovely cache of vintage items such as a Victorian era dip pen, a Victorian era pocket knife, two vinage single edge razors, one Victorian era Chinese opium bottle, 3 vintage hypdermic needles, and a Victorian era straight edge razor.

Mounted in the very center is a heavy gold brass piece draped in black mourning ribbon.

Mounted in each lower corner is a vintage pressed tin devil/lion face and scattered gold and silver Victorian era hand-sewn metal bullion stars.

The placard was hand-illustrated black ink on 100-year-old paper and double-mounted with vintage gold mounting corners.

This incredibly rare piece was trimmed in Victorian gold bullion trim.

The entire piece has been framed in a beautiful vintage style wooden and gesso frame.


Suicide Club Framed Curio