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1880 Ebony Handled Bone Amputation Saw

Beautiful antique ebony handled bone saw used for limb amputations.

The ebony handle aids in classifying this as "pre-listerian", or before Joseph Lister's germ theory of disease affected the design of instruments such that absorbant wood or ivory handles were done away with in favor of more easily sanitized metal.

The beautifully scrolled ebony handle is of a style often seen in English-manufactured saws.

As you can see, the handle allows the operator to maintain a superb grip on the saw which would help facilitate a quick amputation.

Condition is exceptional. Very clean, almost no tarnish - possibly Nickle-plated finish. One side of the handle shows a thin void that appears to have been filled in many years ago.

Saw total 17 inches in length and is 5 and 1/2 inches wide.


1880 Ebony Handled Bone Amputation Saw