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Circus of the Scars

The Original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow Troupe
The Original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow Troupe

Circus of the Scars

If you ever wondered what happened to the original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, then this is the book you have been looking for!

What this book purports to tell. . . is the incredible true story of The Amazing Mister Lifto, The Torture King, The Enigma, Matt the Tube Crowley. Led by the maniacal hype-master himself,
Jim Rose.

This is a contemporary tale of bannings, sex, drugs, fame, lust, longing, camaraderie and betrayal. Intertwined into the present-day story are the counterpart legends of sideshow past.

Circus of the Scars was written by Jan T. Gregor with Tim "Torture King" Cridland, and was published by Brennan Dalsgard Publishers. This is a MINT Limited First Edition sealed in plastic.

Circus of the Scars is a hardbound (and sewn - not glued!) book that comes wrapped within an elegant and beautifully designed dust jacket. Wow!: it weighs in at a hefty 3 pounds, with nearly 450 pages of atrocities and wonderment printed on beautiful paper. All 50 chapters have been embellished with over 100 hand-drawn pen-and-ink black and white illustrations, drawn by Ashleigh Talbot.

The book is complete with reproductions of show posters, handbills, ticket stubs and other related ephemera. Hidden Sideshow secrets revealed within the intimate entries from a 142-year-old diary. There are also 32 pages of never-before-seen photographs of the original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. Do not accept any imitations!.

The money you spend you will never remember. What you read about inside . . . you will never forget. For this we offer no apologies.

Condition: Mint Condition - Original Shrink Wrap.

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