Vampira (Maila Niemi) and her life
in Astoria, Oregon.

Many thanks to Lissa Penner of the Clatsop County Historical Society and CUMTUX for giving me permission to scan and post about Maila Niemi (Nurmi) and her life while living here in Astoria.

These scans came from Vol. 28, No. 1 -- Winter 2008 and is copyright 2008 Clatsop County Historical Society.

Vampira on the Cover of CUMTUX

Vampira frightening small children 1954

Vampira - Mother of the Goth Subculture

Autographed Promotional Photo of Vampira

Vampira - Plan 9 From Outer Space

Vampira Maila's Father - Onni K. Syrjaniemi

Vampira Maila's in May Senior Play in Astoria Oregon

Vampira Maila's 1940 Class Photo Close-Up

Vampira Maila's Relatives in Astoria Oregon

Vampira Maila's 1940 Graduation Photo

Vampira Class of 1939

Vampira Class of 1939

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