Fine Art Posters

These lovely Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow prints were all hand-illustrated by Madame Talbot.
No computers or digital printing was used.


How do I get my fourth poster FREE?
Add three posters you want to your Shopping Cart one at a time.

This will immediately take you to the Shopping Cart page
which will look something like this:

Repeat this step until you have your three posters that you want in your Shopping Cart:

When you have THREE POSTERS in your shopping cart, write the fourth poster in the white box.

Where do I put the info for my free poster?
You will see a long white box on the Shopping Cart page, please type in your free poster information there. We will get it with the rest of your poster order.

What if I want more than one of the same poster?
To change your order, if you want two of the same poster rather than one, just put the number 2 where the 1 is and click the RECALCULATE button.

What if I change my mind and don't want that poster at all?
If you don't want a certain poster, just put a zero where the number 1 is, and click the RECALCULATE button.

How do I pay?
Once you happy with your order, click the Pay Here button and it will give you many options on how to pay i.e. Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order or Check.

What if I want to buy six posters? Do I get two free posters then?
Yes, for every three posters you buy pick another free one. If you buy six posters, pick two more free ones. If you buy nine posters, pick three more free posters.

How come I can't see my free 4th poster on my email order confirmation?
You won't see it listed on your order, but we see it on our end. The box you filled out with your 4th free poster information is sent to us that is considered "extra information" regarding your order and won't be seen on your invoice.

How come I didn't get an email order confirmation?
If you did not get a notification from us for your order, please check your spam filter. If it is still not there, email us and we will be more than happy to send it to you.


Is shipping free in the US?
Yes, shipping is free in the US for posters and T-shirts and most other items, depending on how big it is.

What about shipping everywhere else?
Just click the button that says Canadian/UK/Worldwide shipping.

What about other items on your website. Will you ship them outside the USA?
Yes, not a problem. Check with us and we will let you know what we can do and if there is additional shipping.

How long does it take to get my stuff and what if my package doesn't show up?
Our free shipping for posters is 1st class air mail in the U.S. Books are sent book rate in the US.

Larger items are sent Priority or Parcel. As often as we can, we give free shipping, but if an item is large or heavy we will cover 1/2 the shipping with you. If you need an item fast for a gift, let us know and we will do our best to expedite.

Our posters are shipped 1st class in white triangle poster tubes that will not fit in a mailbox or mail slot.

Depending on your mail pickup situation, you might be left a pickup notice because of the shape of the poster box.

Once in a while customers query us because they have not received their posters. We have advised customers to go their Post Office (the one with their Zip Code) and ask a clerk to check the shelf for a white triangle poster tube sent 1st class. And most times this is where the posters are waiting.

I think the Postal person tries one day, customer is not home, Postal person intends to try the next day then forgets and package sits on the shelf at post office.

We ship quite fast, so if you have not received an item within a few weeks then check with us and we will help you trace items.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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Madame Talbot's Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow