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Honor Among Thieves Poster

Honor Among Thieves Poster

Honor Among Thieves Poster

Honor Among Thieves Poster

Honor Among Thieves Poster

The classic proverb holds that, "There is honor among thieves," that even the most corrupt or criminal individuals can possess some form of honor, justice, or a certain moral code.

According to G.L. Apperson, The Wordworth Dictionary of Proverbs (1993), the notion that thieves share a bond of honorable conduct goes back at least as far as Cicero:

There is honour among thieves. {Cum igitur tanta vis iustitiae sit, ut ea etiam latronum opes firmet atque augeat.-Ciciero, Off[ices], II. xi. 39.}

1712: Motteux, Quixote, Pt. II ch. lx., The old proverb still holds good, Thieves are never rogues among themselves.

1723: Defoe, Colonel Jack, ch. i., Which is what other thieves make a point of honour of ; I mean that of being honest to one another.

Honor among thieves means that even corrupt or bad people sometimes have a sense of honor or integrity, or justice, even if it is skewed. ('Honour among thieves' is the British English version.)

This poster is 17 inches wide by 22 inches high, generous black ink lushly printed on parchment stock.

Snake Man

PLEASE NOTE: This poster image was hand-drawn by Madame Talbot using nothing more than a vintage rapidograph pen and Dr. P. H. Martin's Bombay Black India ink on Cresent 201.6 Hot Press Medium Weight illustration board.

After completion, the image is hand-delivered to Ryan Gwinner Press in Portland, Oregon and printed on an offset printing press.

Absolutely no computers were used in the creation of this poster - from start to finish.

The copyright notice is on the website image only and not on the printed poster.

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