Mütter Museum Interviews Madame Talbot

What are you working on right now?

I am working on not one, but three books about our good friend, death.

I started research back in 2004, then finally began writing it in 2013.

Once I started, it meant even more research: flying cross country not once, but five times in order to do research, as well as hiring two amazing genealogist to track down even more information for me.

I devote nearly 8 hours each day, seven days a week writing, researching, organizing and take breaks in order to work on posters.

After five years of writing, I realized I have three books instead of one.

The first book I am currently working on and I am about 5/8 completed with the first draft.

The second book, the first draft is complete.

Third book, the first draft is 1/2 complete.

I plan to self-publish because I like the idea of retaining complete control of my work, and frankly, I think the book publishing industry treats their writiers like crap.

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Madame Talbot's Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow