Mütter Museum Interviews Madame Talbot

What are you working on right now?

I am working on one massive epic book about our good friend, death. I thought I would break it down to around three books, but now I decided that I am going to publish one massive huge book.

I started the research for this book way back in 2004, then finally began writing it in 2013.

Once I started, it meant even more research: flying cross country five times in order to do research and check out the terrain in person, as well as hiring two amazing genealogist to track down even more information for me.

It feels like the more I research, the less I know.

I devote nearly 8 hours each day, seven days a week sitting at my writing desk and writing, researching, organizing and I only take breaks in order to work on posters and update the website.

Right now, I am still not sure how I want to proceed when it comes to getting the book published. My old punk roots wants to go DIY all the way and self-publish. I like the idea of retaining complete control of my work without having a large corporation breathing down my neck, forcing me to travel and hawk my book on the road and social media.

And then there is the other side of me that would love to find a good, decent publisher so I wouldn't have to worry about the actual publishing end of things. I have another book I want to work on, and by having a publisher take care of things, I could just go ahead and work my other book idea.

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Madame Talbot's Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow